37mm - .45x Wide Angle Lens

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  • 37mm Threads
  • Creates a much wider view
  • 46mm filter threads on front of lens
  • Multicoated Optical Glass
  • Steel Barrel Design
  • Economical Alternative Auxiliary Lens
  • Black in Color
  • this product works perfectly with the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPhone 4 and 4S and performs better than many of the more expensive lens on these devices. ~Mark Passerby

This lens works great on the Makayama iPad 2 Movie Mount and on the Makayama iPad 3 and 4 Movie Mount. 

NOTE: the iPad 3 and 4 shoots photos at 35mm and video at 45mm so if your goal is to maximize the width of your video shooting then we recommend the 'superwide' video lens option as well. 

The super wide lens(optional) attaches to the front of the smaller wide angle lens for shooting video on the iPhone 4/4S and iPad 3 and iPad 4.