Sony DSC-RX100 I and RX100 II Wide Angle Lens Kit

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This super wide angle lens will allow your RX100 I or RX100 II to shoot over 20mm wide!

Everything you need is included.  A small flat ring attaches(is easily removed if needed) to the front of your Sony RX100 lens.  The lens can then be removed or added as needed. 



  • Lens weighs just 3 ounces
  • zero lightloss single glass wide angle lens
  • enables your Sony RX100 I or RX100 II to shoot a fantastic no distortion 20mm's!
  • fantastic for anywhere where you need to increase your cameras capture area
  • Adapter mounts in seconds allowing the lens to be put on or taken off at anytime.
  • includes lens, caps, lens bag, adapter ring, and instructions
  • Exclusively built for HDhat for the RX100 I or RX100 simply won't find a more awesome lens for your Sony RX100 I or RX100 II!