Sony DSC-RX100 M4 or M5 Wide Angle Lens Kit

SKU: RX100LensKitM4
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This wide angle lens will allow your RX100 M4 to shoot 19mm wide!  Special Adapter mounts in seconds to your camera and then the lens can be added or removed as needed.



  • Lens weighs just 3 ounces
  • zero lightloss single glass wide angle lens
  • enables your Sony RX 100 M4 to shoot a fantastic no distortion 19mm's!
  • fantastic for anywhere where you need to increase your cameras capture area
  • Adapter mounts in seconds allowing the lens to be put on or taken off at anytime.
  • includes lens, caps, lens bag, adapter ring, and instructions
  • Exclusively built for HDhat for the RX100 simply won't find a more awesome lens for your Sony RX100 M4!