Makayama Movie Mount for iPad Mini 4 includes .45x wide lens

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Makayama U.S. Distributor

Use the Makayama Movie Mount for iPad Mini(Fits iPad Mini 4) to shoot better video with your iPad Mini 4. 

It's a mount that allows you to attach a tripod for stable shots, as well as pan and tilt movements.

The Makayama Movie Mount for iPad Mini includes a 37mm .45x wide angle lens that has been specifically tested by our team of Pros and works perfectly.  Also included is a safety strap, lens cloth and Zeiss Lens wipe.

The mount also works with any of the accessory options listed on this page.

Included with every purchase is a great list of suggested apps as well as tutorial links.

Attach a tripod for stable shots, pan and tilt movements. Works with accessories like a shotgun microphone, wireless mics, optical viewfinder, video light and more.

How to turn off your iPad Mini when mounted in the case: 
On your iPad Mini go into General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch and turn Assistive Touch on.  This will put a button on your screen that can be moved around(touch the button for multiple options including 'Device' which allows you to lock). You can use this function to lock the screen as well as control a large variety of other settings via touch.